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Truth or Consequences

The Evelyn Blake Boarding House is the Import built and run school in Manhattan. More information about it is in the link!
Boarding School Housing: where to find who lives at the school
Current X-Men roster for each city: like the name says.


Note: If you would like your character to interact with any of the NPC’s please drop an email to the mod account: posthumansmods @ gmail dot com so we can see if what you have planned is feasible!


Mila Petrovitch loveequalspower
Richard Bradley Banks IVAnnie Prendergast
Mila is the head of the Helping Hands Corporation. She resides in Truth or Consequences. Those who need help finding jobs, starting out funds, medical issues should seek her out. She's been a help to the various imports in all cities since she addressed the network.Mayor of New York City.
He has been instrumental in gathering resources for the Imports of Manhattan. He also was in charge of the Import Network to help showcase the good that Imports can do.
Resides in Seattle. Head of the New Tomorrow Today Association

Mrs. BlakeMrs. AdamsMr. AdamsAmber Strout
She was the grandmother of Evelyn, one of the mutants who was taken, experimented on and killed. She provides funds for Imports in the name of her granddaughter and has pledged to do whatshe can to help them.Mrs. Adams daughter Bailey was also taken by the Tomorrow Foundation and experimented on. Her husband and her are supporters of Import rights.Mr. Adams daughter Bailey was also taken by the Tomorrow Foundation and experimented on. His wife and he are supporters of Import rights.Amber is twelve years old and recently manifested her powers. She was rescued by JP and Dazzler from the Capekillers and is currently residing in the school. For more info about Amber, check out her journal


Reverend Donald Flincher billboarddad
Cameron Hodge [personal profile] iamintheright
The good Reverend has started a movement against the Imports. His followers agree that Imports do not deserve any of the help they have been given and have caused damage to the housing in Seattle and Manhattan. The citizens of ToC stopped the reverend's mobs from causing damage in their town, showing support for the imports.Dr. Hodge and her associates with the Tomorrow Foundation took the newly manifested mutants of the world and conducted experiments on them in order to cure the Imports. None of the children survived. She is still alive and her Foundations laboratories were destroyed, or at least the ones the Imports found were leveled to the ground.

The Capekillers

As revealed in a plot in 2011, the Capekillers turned out to be the original groups of the Superheroes in Marvel 616: the Fantastic Four, X-Men, Brotherhood, Avengers, and the Invaders. Below was the known status of that group.

However due to another incident in May 2012 with Capekillers, it is now unclear what the true status of each member is.

Fantastic FourX-MenAvengersInvadersThe Brotherhood
Sue Storm
Johnny Storm
Ben Grimm (unknown)
Reed Richards (dead) ?!
Jean Grey
Scott Summers (dead) ?!
Bobby Drake
Warren Worthington III (dead) ?!
Hank McCoy
Professor Xavier (unknown)
Hank Pym (dead) ?!
Jan van Dyne
Tony Stark
Thor (unknown)
Bruce Banner (unknown)
Captain America (dead)
Bucky (unknown)
Human Torch (dead) ?!
Namor (unknown)
Scarlet Witch
Quicksilver (dead) ?!
Toad (dead) ?!

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Dani and Sam found an abandoned warehouse more than a year ago they like use as space for training with people. I just wanted to list it as a place of note. Thanks!